All Paragon characters – Paragon hero list [2021 Relevant]

All Paragon characters – Paragon hero list [2021 Relevant]

Paragon characters come in all shapes and sizes and are the heroes you can play with on the game Paragon. Without these Paragon game characters, the game is absolutely nothing, that’s why we created this 2021 relevant list of all paragon heroes.

The following character list can be split into multiple roles, a role will determine the behaviour and power of a certain character, the roles are:

  • Carries,
  • Mid Laners,
  • Support,
  • Solo laners,
  • and Junglers.

Paragon characters (1-9) – Carries Role.

The carries role speaks for itself: you will need to be carried in the early stages of the game and later on, your hero returns the favour by carrying other players. The key while playing with a carries character is to grind as hard as possible, it will be easier the more you develop in-game.

1. Drongo.

Drongo is a very cool character that can be played with intermediate gaming skills. Drongo likes to blow things up with explosives and has other skilled attacks.

2. GRIM.exe

Grim is a robotic looking Paragon character with a futuristic twist, it could be compared with a sniper that slows down other enemy players. Grim even comes with a small mini-figure-flying-robot-dog that attacks other players too.

3. Murdock

Murdock is a scavenger type tank that deals really high damage on single characters, so kind of like the GRIM.exe. But it is actually really easy to play with this Paragon hero. Besides the basic attacks, Murdock actually has some utility for other aspects of the game.

4. Revenant.

Revenant is an old-western character that looks like a bounty hunter with a wild-west hat. This is actually an advanced player only character because you can only hit isolated targets with many special technical abilities. But once you control the Revenant is could give an interesting twist to your normal gaming experience.

5. Serath.

Serath is one of the only female Paragon characters, wearing shiny queen-like armour with simple daggers she does close-range damage only: this also means that using this character, you will need to be an expert player. Your goal is to deal some damage and run, do this on repeat and you will have guaranteed fighting success.

6. Sparrow.

Sparrow is another very interesting female character that deals a lot of damage, but can’t take damage herself because she is always in low health. So you depend on other paragon players to protect you. Besides that Sparrow is one of the only characters in this Paragon hero list that has very low mobility.

7. Twinblast.

Twinblast (released as Paragon character) is on this list because it is one of the paragon heroes. He carries two guns and can be played on an intermediate gaming level. Twinblast also looks like he has robotic (very muscular) arms. With the special ability ‘reposition’, you can actually teleport and relocate over the battlefield.

8. Yin.

Timing is key when using the eight-character on this paragon hero list. With Yin, using an ability could make or break your game, don’t use the magic wind attack too early, but also not too late in the game. The Yin hero is capable of controlling a fight with her abilities, but you have to have advanced gaming capabilities to start using this character.

9. Wukong.

Wukong is a trigger-happy melee character that, when he uses the ‘irritated’ ability can deal huge amounts of damage on close-range characters. Wukong is actually also a very hard level character to play with, melee is considered harder, so it’s only for advanced Paragon players.

Paragon characters (10-20) – Mid Laners role.

Mid Laners are the true ability-fighters of Paragon, their normal attacks are good, but not the best, their abilities however can skew the battle in favour of the Paragon players. But watch out when playing with a character from this role, when your ability has been used, there is a cooldown in which you won’t be able to use your ability and have to rely on your relatively weaker normal attacks to win the battle. So choose wisely when to use your ability and when to save it.

10. Countess.

Countess is one of those characters that could be explained with one word: stealth. Attack the enemy and then disappear using your vanish ability. Countess main characteristic is being unpredictable, sweep to the left, sweep to the right and disappear. But that also makes this a very hard to play character: so for advanced Paragon players only.

11. Gadget.

Gadget her name says all: a Paragon character that makes use of gadgets. Those are flying drones that deal huge amounts of damage some people even consider unfair, this also makes this hero kinda controversial in the Paragon community. As you could have expected, Gadget is an easy to play hero.

12. Gideon.

Gideon is a super-fast Paragon character that deals massive amounts of damage with his knives and daggers and is actually able to counter entire teams with his high mobility. Gideon is considered easy to play in the Paragon community, but I do not agree with that sentiment, I think Gideon is a very hard to play character because of his insane speed.

13. Howitzer.

Howitzer is comparable with an earlier discussed Paragon character of this list called Drongo: they both make use of bombs and are one of the only heroes using explosives. But Howitzer doesn’t only use throwables, he also has a lot of landmines and sticky bombs in his arsenal.

14. Iggy and Scorch.

Iggy and Scorch are very much not human: they are way older and come from the ancient dinosaur age. But this doesn’t make them less in terms of damage than other Paragon heroes. They are outstanding in terms of fire usage and burning things in general.